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Is rooftop photovoltaic power generation harmful to human health?

Is rooftop photovoltaic power generation harmful to human health?

2023-08-24 16:00:00

Household rooftop photovoltaic power generation, as an integral part of the new energy microgrid, is increasingly being accepted by the public. However, it is still unclear whether rooftop photovoltaic power generation is harmful to the human body. To answer this question, let's learn about photovoltaic power generation together.
Photovoltaic modules themselves do not generate electromagnetic radiation during power generation, but in order to convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic modules into alternating current and achieve connection to the power grid, many power equipment and electronic devices are usually required, which can affect the surrounding electromagnetic environment during operation.

Photovoltaic modules do not emit radiation, on the contrary, they can reflect harmful ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. Photovoltaic power generation utilizes the physical properties of semiconductors, utilizing sunlight to step electrons and generate photocurrent. The radiation generated at this time poses no threat to the human body and can be completely ignored. So photovoltaic modules not only have no harm, but also help us reflect some harmful ultraviolet rays!

Photovoltaic power generation belongs to clean energy. We use photovoltaic power stations to generate electricity, which can reduce pollution emissions and is a renewable new energy generation.