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Solar water heater panels

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Water tank parameters

Appearance color:white Size: Φ 462 * 1084
Net volume (L):100 Insulation layer thickness (mm):40
Electric auxiliary heating power (w):1500 Available water volume (L):100
Heating method: flat panel solar energy

Collector parameters

Daylighting area (㎡):1.8 Insulation material:40mm polyester cotton
Size:2500 * 800 * 80 Glass cover thickness (mm):3.2

Heat collection standard

360 ° heat exchange technology:Yes Natural circulation heat transfer technology:Yes
Black film whole board heat collection technology:Yes

Safety standards

Anti electric wall technology:Yes Diamond three-layer gallbladder:Yes
Over temperature and over pressure protection:Yes

Insulation standards

Green polyurethane overall foaming:Yes

Intelligent standards

Instant heating:Yes Fixed temperature insulation:Yes

General instructions:

  • Judging the repair time based on the purchase date of the invoice does not require other repair certificates;
  • If there is no invoice, check the system for installation records based on the product number. If the system has installation records, repair will be carried out according to the purchase time in the system; If there is no installation record in the system, the production date of the product will be postponed by three months as the purchase date;
  • If none of the above two items are available, users will not enjoy free repair services and will need to charge according to the pricing guidelines;
  • The warranty period for pipes is: for pipes that use Haier's designated brand of pipes and pass Haier's services, they will be repaired according to the commitment of the entire machine;
  • If the user uses the household water heater for commercial purposes, such as barbershops, hotels, bath centers, and other places where heating is frequently used, the entire machine and main components are guaranteed to be repaired for 3 months (unless otherwise specified in the purchase and sales contract recognized by Haier);
  • Engineering users refer to water heater users who have been approved in the industrial and trade engineering approval system, and are generally purchased in large quantities by Party A, such as hotels, schools, hotels, or enterprises and institutions. The machine repair time for engineering purposes shall be executed according to the engineering agreement, and the maximum time shall not exceed the retail execution policy.
  • Warranty period for replacement parts after exceeding warranty: 3 months;
  • The mixing valve, nozzle, nozzle hose, and other value-added accessories provided by Sunny grid and purchased from Sunny grid are not guaranteed for repair as a complete machine. Individual accessories with a clear warranty period shall be subject to the warranty period, while accessories without a clear warranty period shall be guaranteed for a period of 1 year
  • Consumable spare parts, such as magnesium rods, filter cartridges, gas filters, etc., are not eligible for free regardless of whether they are within the warranty period, and are charged according to the standard.